Top Online Casino Bonuses

Top Online Casino Bonuses

Ground-based casinos are becoming less and less attractive to real gamblers, giving way to the leading place of online casinos. The reason for this could be many factors:

  • The tightening of land casinos laws in most countries of the world;
  • No need to wait for your turn at online casinos or go somewhere else;
  • Online casino has the same bonuses and winnings as land-based casinos, and in some cases more;
  • New developments of 3D graphics and video technologies allow to minimize the differences in player feelings between a real casino and an online casino.

However, players are more and more focused on finding the biggest online casino bonus. In order to find the best online casino bonus, you need to explore all the possibilities offered by online casinos. On the Internet there are many online casino bonus guides, which describes the biggest online casino bonuses. The most frequent gambling casino online bonus and will be discussed below.

Types of bonuses

There are many bonuses provided by online casinos in the internet. The most popular and bringing in more revenue are the following bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus – provided by the majority of casinos during registration and consists in issuing a certain amount that you need to win back at the casino, or in the opportunity to get free spins for free. It is best to choose the second option when choosing between the money for the game and the time of free rotation of slot machines. The negative point is that such a bonus can be obtained only once;
  • Enter online casino bonus code – some companies encourage registration and introduction of new funds for deposit with bonuses, which can be obtained by entering a special bonus code on the website page;
  • No deposit bonus – also issued to new players for choosing a casino. Thus, the casinos are trying to attract new players and, therefore, give them various non-deposit bonuses. By means of such bonuses online casino carries out promotions of their institution among more inexperienced players;
  • Match bonus – makes it possible to return a certain amount of the deposit to the player transferred by him earlier. For example, if the casino bonus deposit is 200%, then when transferring $ 100 to the deposit, the player returns two hundred dollars;
  • Sticky bonus – are provided by online casinos when you reach any unique indicators in the game, win a special bonus draw or any other indicator;
  • Loyalty Bonus – not available at all casinos, it is provided only to some of those players who continue to play on the site of online casinos for months, and even years;
  • Deposit Bonus – is provided by an online casino for replenishing a deposit for any amount. So, very often when replenishing a deposit for one hundred dollars, the casino adds another ten dollars to the deposit;
  • Bonus in the form of a free game – is the ability to play for a certain time for free. In this case, it is allowed to win only a certain amount of money, upon reaching which the game becomes paid. Such strategies are usually used by online casinos when testing new games.

It should be borne in mind that when providing bonuses, most online casinos have wagering requirements in the game.

How to get the bonuses

Ways to get bonuses are described above. The most important of them is to find a suitable online casino with the necessary bonuses, register for it, and then follow all the terms and conditions described above and which the casino requires in order to provide bonuses.

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