Open Source 3D: Free software for creating 3D models and animations

Open Source 3D

Open source 3d is a collection of software that allows anyone to sculpt three-dimensional models. The software is available for free and offers a variety of tools that allow students to create complex designs. It also includes a variety of tools for VFX professionals, including raw footage import, camera and object tracking, and area masking.


Blender is a 3D animation program that is used by individuals and studios to create amateur projects, advertisements, and feature films. Its open-source nature means it is constantly updated and improved by the community, ensuring that users have access to the latest features. It also includes a variety of tutorials and forums for support, making it easy to learn.

Its primary production rendering engine has undergone a major overhaul in recent years, improving performance by up to 8x. It supports multiple file formats and has a full range of editing tools including sculpting, data import/export, compositing and color grading.

The software is free to download and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It can be enhanced with a variety of scripts and plugins, which can speed up the workflow or create specialist simulations. These extensions can be free but many are paid for, so users should be prepared to spend some money. This can be especially true for those who are working on large-scale projects.


Dust3D is a free open source 3D modeling software that aims to help users create low poly models used in video games and 3D printing. The tool, created by Jeremy Hu, is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It features auto UV unwrapping, auto rigging with PBR material support, and pose and motion authoring.

The tool uses a declarative (non-destructive) modeling approach, with users defining the shape of an object by drawing front and side diagrams made up of connected nodes. The final mesh is automatically generated based on these diagrams. Model parts can then be combined using basic boolean and grouping options.

The software is distributed as an AppImage, meaning that it’s a single file application that can be downloaded and run from any Linux distribution. This means that it can be updated without changing the system’s menus, icons, or file association settings. It also doesn’t require a package manager and can be run in a sandbox like Firejail.

Mandelbulb 3D

Mandelbulb 3D is a free program that enables users to create fractal designs and animations. Its fractal creation tools are powerful and intuitive, allowing users to easily manipulate a variety of different fractal equations and geometric parameters. The software is also able to render 3D images in a variety of formats, including stereoscopic 3D.

A Mandelbulb is a three-dimensional iterative fractal that was discovered in 2009 by a group of innovators from Fractal Forums. The discovery revealed a new type of object that is mathematically similar to the two-dimensional Mandelbrot set, but much more complex and infinitely more interesting. It also opened the door to a whole new world of 3D fractals.

Wings 3D

Wings 3D is an advanced subdivision modeler and has a variety of modeling tools, a customizable interface, support for lights and materials, and a built-in UV mapping facility. It was created using the open-source functional programming language Erlang and is distributed by Ericsson.

The Wings tutorial center provides a few text and video overviews of basic modeling. It also has a few simple, yet helpful, finger exercises for new users. The program is designed to be easy to use, but some of the mouse and selection functions differ from standard Windows software. For example, when clicking on different items, Wings selects them all, including vertices. The move|normal option also works differently.

Wings uses context-sensitive hotkeys and assigns a keyboard shortcut for each tool or command in the current mode. For example, the S key can be used to smooth faces, slide edges and select vertices. However, the same hotkey cannot be assigned to multiple commands at once.

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